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Have you bought a property in Spain and you wish to enjoy it as soon as the situation allows you to travel?

Araxan Interiorismo interior designers, in Spain and Belgium, and its competent teams are on site. They take care of your project so that you can have it ready as soon as possible.

Araxan Interiorismo realizes your custom interior by email in 12 steps.

Step 1: You send us your plans and photos of your home. Photos of your aspirations, your moods, colors, favorite models.


Step 2: We converse by phone and email to understand your needs, desires and dreams.


Step 3: We send you a draft: Plans with furniture layout, photos of models, colors, materials, and a cost estimate.


Step 4: You comment transparently, each photo, proposal by email return.


Step 5: We send you a new project (adapted accordingly  to your comments).


Step 6: You comment transparently each photo, proposal by email return.


Step 7: We adapt the project until your complete approval.


Step 8: We send a full quote.


Step 9: If the quote meets your expectations, you validate it by email scan.


Step 10: We launch orders upon receipt of a 50% deposit and we assure the follow up.


Step 11: Having received 40% payment:

We set up all the furniture and send you photos all along the installation and remain attentive to your needs.


Step 12: We welcome you at your home for a reception meeting of your new interior.

The balance of 10% is expected after your installation


Steps 1 to 12 takes approximately 2 to 5 months (depending on the furniture to be made on measure).

The cost of the complete project is offered with the exception of step 7 which will be subject to an estimate according to the number of modifications requested.


In 12 steps, we create your custom interior together.


Let's start together, it will be beautiful.


The ARAXAN team

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