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 “If you can dream it, we can make it happen”

Passionate about art, architecture and decoration, Christine Van Hoecke is established on the Costa del  Sol  since  twenty years.  Native of Belgium, where she had a studio and a design store,  it was  an evidence for her to continue and develop her passion when she arrived in Spain. Founding Araxan Interiorismo.


What started out as an interior design and deco studio, has grown over time into an increasingly sought-after company.. A Showroom was opened and  a partnership with teams  for renovation, complete remodeling, interior and exterior, private or commercial projects,  was built.


Araxan has created over time and many trips,  an important database as well as  commercial agreements with partner suppliers.



Today Araxan Interiorismo is :


An enthusiastic team of qualified and reliable people, which includes interior designers and architects.


A Reliable company focus on interior design projects, working in partnership with local and european craftsmen, carefully selected year after year. 

Carpenters, upholsterers, painters, electricians, micro-cement craftsmen, air conditioning companies, plumbers.


A team in constant renewal searching its inspiration through ecologic and natural materials and solutions.



What does Araxan team propose?


We initially proposes a “moodboard”, which will be the basis of our work. When the project is defined, we carry out the technical plans.


We establish  an organization chart and a global budget, to coordinate and ensure the execution of the work. She assumes the supervision and continuous control of your project, to comply with the specifications, budgets and established deadlines. 


Our aim is to guarantee constant serenity during the period of the collaboration.


We contact the clients by email, phone call and informs them of the evolution of the projects via photos and reports.


We delivers and carries out the installation of the furniture. 


We welcome  you in your new home, hoping we have made your dreams come true. 

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